Dewet Drilling Botswana

Dewet Drilling Botswana has been in operation since 1948 focused on the drilling of deep, large diameter boreholes. This specialisation is made possible through custom designed and built drill rigs that are able to withstand the extreme conditions the mining sector faces in Southern Africa. This includes gold and diamond drilling. The company expanded its operations in 2010 joining forces with Bauer Maschinen GmbH to create Bauer Dewet Equipment (Pty) Limited. This partnership brought together over 60 years of African drilling experience with one of the best drill manufacturing companies in the world. The aim of this partnership is to develop new models of drill rigs that not only are multi-purpose drills (Buffalo) and blast-hole drills (Rhino), but also are being developed in anticipation of the growing gas and oil findings worldwide.

Dewet Drilling is a firm that strives to satisfy the drilling requirements of clients worldwide, through state of the art equipment, and innovative drilling techniques and design. We specialize in the drilling of deep large diameter boreholes. All our drilling rigs, designed and custom-built in our workshops, are of large capacity and compressors are all high pressure output. Most of our supply vehicle fleet is all-wheel drive to ensure the proper supply of all drilling units, even at the remotest sites. Our managers are all experienced drillers, technically up to date, and able to meet the challenge of any drilling needs.


The vision of Dewet Drilling is to be the market leader in specialized drilling techniques in Southern Africa under the constant vigilant auspices and direction of its owners. We want our clients to know and experience that they can rely on us to complete any special project efficiently and on time with due regard to health, safety and environmental considerations.


The mission of Dewet Drilling is to grow through various activities and operations, to provide security of livelihood to its owners and employees.

In order to successfully pursue this mission Dewet Drilling will:

  • Conduct its business in a honest and reliable businesslike manner under a strict code of business ethics
  • Constantly seek growth opportunities
  • Care for its employees
  • Care for the environment
  • Ensure that the span of management of its owners does not exceed levels that go beyond that of personal attention and vigilance.


Dewet Drilling Botswana has been in operation in Southern Africa since 1948. The third generation of the family is now involved in the management of the firm. The firm has grown from humble beginnings under personal direction over five decades where it has today the critical mass to undertake specialized drilling projects of sizeable magnitude.